Best logistics and supply chain Ph.D programs around the world

Best logistics and supply chain Ph.D programs around the world

In a previous post, David Kiger had already talked about the best master degree courses on logistics around the world and gave a brief description of each course.

This time David Kiger took the time to do a little research on the best Ph.D. programs on logistics that universities around the world offer to the public. This is the list he came up with.

Ph.D. in Logistics Management at the University of Johannesburg

In this Ph.D. course, students learn and develop competencies and apply all the principles related to the understanding, analysis, acquisition, interpretation and application of logistics management. Students do not stay there and have to develop research, writing and creative thinking skills that enable them to produce reports and understand written production seen in the field. As they aim at the general public no matter the experience, students learn how to take strategic decisions  on the logistics orchestra of any company. Students have to prove all their managerial experience and knowledge with a thesis that shows the in-depth research of the logistics management field.

MIT-Zaragoza Ph.D. Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The principle goal of this Ph.D. course is to teach and shape students who will love and pursue careers in the education and research fields. It could be seen as the logistics research center for students and managers who wish to be updated with the latest trends and technologies in the logistics field on topics such as supply chain coordination, supply chain finance, inventory management, supply chain innovation and risk management.

All the students, no matter the year, first or second, have extensive knowledge in fields such as probability and stochastic processes, dynamic programming, empirical methods, integer programming, inventory management and game theory. However, students who go to the second year pay a visit to MIT to study a semester and can also go to any other top of the list business and engineering schools. After these two years, students have to complete a dissertation that takes 2 years more. And before starting the research on the dissertation they must pass a comprehensive qualifying exam.

Ph.D. in Operations Management at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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This is a really complete program because it includes two very important aspects of logistics: Operations Management and Statistics. As for the first part that is the Ph.D. program in Operations Management, there the emphasis is on methodology that works with models and research with practice and applicability. In this Ph.D. program, students learn how to use quantitative tools and analytical frameworks from many areas and disciplines in order to tackle managerial problems related to the logistics and supply chain world.

Their alumni speak for themselves with many of them being part of very important publications and magazines such as Operations Research, Management Science, and Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. The faculty members all have Ph.D. degrees from the best universities in the world.

On the other hand, the Ph.D. program in Statistics takes a deep look at the theory behind the development of statistical methodologies and how these are applied to the business world.  Students leave the program with a very strong basis to apply statistics to areas such as marketing, finance, economics and more.

Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland

The Hanken Ph.D. program is an internationally recognized degree with 100 years of history to support their education and that encourages an open and international atmosphere.

This Ph.D. program is called the Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility program. They offer students a complete insight on advanced research and give them the skills to apply analytical thinking whether they are in the academia, the corporate world or the public sector.

For this university, and especially for this Ph.D. program, research and doctoral studies are very important.  The university offers a very special environment where students can work hand by hand with some of the best researchers, students from other doctoral programs, the people that are inside the industry and with the entire academic community around such topics.

The Ph.D. program lasts four years, has 60 credits of course work and also requires students to deliver a thesis. But the benefits go beyond the struggle. First of all University education in Finland, and that includes the Ph.D. Program, is free of charge. Also, just by being part of the program and the university the students have access to a lot of courses, conferences, and workshops in the country and around the world. Apart from that, students acquire a very deep knowledge and ability to apply scientific research methods to real corporate problems.

After giving you the best master degree courses on logistics and supply chain management it was only logic to write about these Ph.D. programs around the world.

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