Some of the best logistics software out there

Some of the best logistics software out there

So David Kiger has talked about many logistics companies that are very successful and some that have failed big time. We have also talked about trends and approaches that will be in fashion for the rest of this year and the beginning of next one. All these companies have the best staff working for them and are the ones that make the industry a thriving and innovative one.

But how is it that they do it? How can they manage all that merchandise, timetables, schedules, hours, locations and routes and not go crazy? Well, for this article we are going to talk about how is it that these people do it. How can they manage all that information and still be successful. We are going to take a look at some of the softwares that are used in the logistics world and that make the task just a bit easier.


This is a fully automated Warehouse Management System (WMS) specifically designed for the third party logistics industry. It is mostly used by 3PL Public Warehouses, Transportation Brokers and Freight Forwarders.  3PLink WMS will increase productivity, reliability, accuracy and responsiveness leading to top-tier power with a fast ROI. This software also offers full web visibility 24/7, automated reporting, EDI or wireless scanning. This software can be purchased as you go, you can buy first what you need and then as your needs progress you can upgrade the software.  The software easy to configure and the possibilities are limitless, no matter your operation.  Apart from the previous, the staff at Camelot backs their product with a very good customer service and support. It is also very easy to configure and design reports for your customers.

Some of the pros of this software are: it is easy to use interface; it  truly fits the needs of a 3rd part logistics firm; it integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV; it Uses Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine; Custom Reports can be created with a variety of tools; and the  Package can be pre-installed on new hardware.

Awery Airline Management Software

Companies that use this software include Aviation Companies: airlines, cargo airlines, charter/passenger operator, freight forwarders, GSA, aircraft owners, aviation services providers, logistic and transport companies. This software is a Logistics and Inventory control which manages accounting and reports on moving of ordered components, requests working out and following, planning of components supply, warehouse complex management. This soiftaware allows full control over availability of spare parts in warehouses and to manage several warehouses, perform data cataloguing and processing inventory reports.

Awery makes the logistics work in the aviation industry easier every day giving companies a central distribution of information which helps everybody to see what is happening on the flight, It helps reduce duplication of processes and documentation especially for accounting departments, it makes invoicing the clients quicker and it helps create greater chances of understanding  businesses and market trends.

The Pros are: Awery runs very quickly over the web where ever you are; the Product development is done in days, sometimes in the same day; Support is nearly always available and if not, answers come in a timely manner; Critical errors are not many but when they do happen they are resolved instantaneously.

LA WMS by LA Software

This software is mostly used by Retail, e-commerce, apparel and fashion, home deco and furniture, food and beverage, consumer electronics, CPG and 3PL companies. This software is a warehouse management and order fulfilment platform offered in flexible deployment formats and methodologies. The system is capable of supporting disparate warehousing processes, separate product groups, and the needs of different sectors all within a single unified platform. It facilitates the process from warehouse receipt to shipment. It is an Easy-to-configure software, that has in-depth functionality, capable of responding to various industries. The company that manages the software also has top notch in retail and e-commerce staff and a very knowledgeable team of supply chain engineers

TrakIT by Bitmetric Technologies

3PL, SCM and  Logistics companies engaged in the transportation of goods using Containerized cargo or breakbulk cargo are the type of companies that use this software. If you need to track any movement of cargo, TrakIT is the solution.


Image courtesy of MBWA PR at
Image courtesy of MBWA PR at

TrakIT is a solution that is different form the rest of softwares in the logistics industry and it is making a name of its own.  It is a cloud-based operations system for logistics and SCM industries that are part of the complicated transportation of goods industry. A solution for all the process and stages of the supply chain that fuses innovation with agility and precision as required by various logistics operations and enables organizations to achieve high performances.

These 4 softwares are a small sample of the broad market that logistics software is working on. Nowadays it is not enough to have the correct staff, you need the correct digital tool to go along with your amazing corporate culture.

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