Which Logistic Companies Are At The Top Of The List?

Which Logistic Companies Are At The Top Of The List?

There are many well-recognize logistics company in the world, but only a few generate the most revenue and dominate the market, and play an important role in the transport of goods all over the world. These companies, some may argue, have become such an integral part of our lives and our businesses that many times their not given the importance they deserve. They are sometimes overlooked as something that is supposed to always work, and people may forget the fact that thanks to these companies we are able to import and export goods and events like concerts. They are the ones that are responsible for making sure that products arrive at every corner of the world and keeps the wheels turning for all types of businesses.

Now, there is a great variety of different logistic companies and each one handles a different part of the chain, be it transportation, shipping, import, export and so many other aspects that allow everything to go smoothly. These transportation companies all do their necessary part to ensure their products are delivered on time. This whole process is the success behind many companies that operate around the world. The logistics trends are constantly changing in the hopes to improve delivery times, avoid inconveniences with the quality of shipping and improve tracking, which you can read about in the David Kiger Blog.

There are different companies that are considered to be some of the top companies in the world and each one has their own take on how to improve the complete chain.

CEVA Logistics

Their 42,000 offices handle transportation services in 17 regions around the world, including supply chain management and solutions. Their clients are not limited to a specific industry, instead, they work in a variety of sectors from healthcare to technology or energy to retail. Their logistics services are used by some of the best logistic companies in the world.


SDV is a company from the Bollore Group and is ranked at one of the top ten companies in transport and logistics based on their quality and revenue. They are most recognized for their air and sea transport services but have recently been taking a chance on supply chain management. Their increase in domains has mainly been due to their customer’s demand and their increased insight through the years.

Nippon Express

They rightfully self-describe themselves as one of the top logistics companies focused on air, water, and land, especially since they recorded the highest revenue in 2016 in logistics and transport companies. Despite the fact that they say they focus on all three types of transport, they do specialize in international transportation.


Most recognized for their air and sea freight logistic services, this company is located in over 70 countries and have a great deal of partners that help them reach every corner of the world, even where they don’t have offices. They have recently expanded their services into the IT and Energy Solutions industries and this, in turn, has carried along their trademark quality and excellent supply chain services and solutions.

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Some of the most recent services they’ve added to their portfolio are freight forwarding, air and sea transport, storage and finally trucking, making Sinotrans one of the logistics companies that has most expanded in the recent years. Even though their series spread out all over the world, they are one of the most important logistics services in China.


They offer different solutions for supply chain management that set them apart, even though they also offer the same services from air, road, rail, and sea transportation. Their partners and offices spread worldwide, and they are also known for their great variety of clients.

C.H. Robinson

Their long tradition has positioned this logistic company as one of the most recognized in the world. They are based out of Europe, Asia, North America, and South America, and also count with over 66,000 partners that offer different logistic services. In 2017, 112 years after it was founded, this company is still considered one of the best logistic companies in the world. They are currently offering services like outsource, product sourcing, freight solutions and others that make them an essential part of the supply chain of many organizations.


At the top of the list is one of the logistics giant, DHL. They are the biggest company and also reported one of the highest revenues last year. They don’t only specialize in transportation and logistics but are known for customizing their supply chain solutions in several different ways from reverse logistics to delivery or design. Their strong global position is evident in their reliable service and expanded presence in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Even though they have grown exponentially internationally, they have dropped out of the running in the states since around 2008, opening the market for other huge names like UPS and FedEx.

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