One of the most important trend for logistics: Delivery Drones

One of the most important trend for logistics: Delivery Drones

One of the most disruptive creations of our time are drones. A few years ago, this technology was unimagined, but today, it is a reality. Currently, this technology is being used for multiple industries and activities, and one of the most important ones is logistics, due to the facilities it gives not only for customers but also for providers. This innovative device is changing our world and the way how we deliver and transport things.

We have seen that giant companies like DHL, Amazon or Domino’s Pizza are using drones to transport their products, reaching better delivery times and increasing the service experience with their customers. In this post, we will talk about this amazing technology, their challenges and how it is working for some today businesses.

Before going deeper with the drone delivery concept, it is important to understand what a drone is and some important aspects of their history and creation. In addition, it is imperative to understand their purpose and how they are today one of the most essential trends in transportation and logistics.

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Drone concept and history

Also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, the drones are flying objects with multiple purposes. These devices are used in different areas, like military, commercial, entertainment, music, sports, among other industries. We could say that their history goes back to the World War II, where unmanned aerial vehicles were used to train the warplanes pilots. Since then, these devices are being used in numerous tasks, becoming a great alternative not only for war purposes but also for commercial ones.

Understanding what a drone is and its roots, then we can talk about its uses in the logistics field. Basically, in this industry, drones are being employed for carry, transport and deliver different products and commodities from one place to other. Today, companies are beginning to use more and more these components, due to the costs reduction they give, reaching better delivery times and giving to customers a better service.

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Drone deliveries, companies, and usages

As we mentioned before, these devices are being used to carry multiple items, from food or small products, to medicines and vaccines. Currently, they are being utilized in industrialized countries, like the United States, Germany, Israel, Japan or China, but in few years, they will be used in the rest of the world.

One of the most important corporations using drones is Amazon Inc., under their service Amazon Prime Air. Since 2013, this technology giant is designing and testing different drone prototypes to deliver and carriage small products, like books, video games, clothe, shoes, and other elements. Presently, this company is one of the most important promoters of this technology in the United States and the world, as it could deliver more products than through its regular methods.

Another giant working with drones is Google, under its program called Wing. This organization has been proving since 2014 multiple unmanned aerial vehicles to move different products, not only the small ones but also bigger elements. Besides the creation of this service, Google wants to develop different kinds of drones to carry these items to different sites.

Since 2011, a Silicon Valley startup called Matternet has been developing different kinds of drones to transport small products to distances of up to 20 kilometers. Besides this service, they are creating a logistics software for these devices, letting them know the best aerial route, with the finest weather and climatic conditions, and the estimated delivery time.

Other logistic giants like FedEx, or USPS under its project called HorseFly, or DHL with its Parcelcopter, are proving that this transportation alternative to move the packages and products that they must deliver to their customers around the world. This is an excellent sample of how drones are changing those logistic corporations, which will give to clients the possibility of receiving in a faster way what they need and require.

Some postal companies like Swiss Post or La Post are benefiting from this technology too, due to the facilities it gives to offer their postal solutions, like documents shipping, payments, specialized mailing services, among other assistances.

Another important sample for drones’ usage, as we mentioned above, is the food shipping. Today, organizations like Domino’s Pizza with its DomiCopter or the tacocopter in the United States, are exploiting this advanced technology, giving a great opportunity for those businesses whose strength are the home deliveries.

As we have seen in this article, drones used for logistics activities are a great opportunity for costs reducing and superior distribution times. This technology is not only a great solution for the companies mentioned above but also for any organization that wants to improve its service experience and be innovative with its clients. Currently, drones are being used by few businesses and they are in an experimental stage, but in the short term, these components could replace those elements what we know for delivery.

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