Should You Worry About Google And WalMart Joining Forces?

Should You Worry About Google And WalMart Joining Forces?

If we were to talk about market giants, there would be no better example than Google and Walmart as their collective contributions to their respective markets are impossible to ignore. Google started off as a company that created algorithms to help people navigate the always-growing traffic of web pages when the Internet was still a new phenomenon to the mass public, however with time Google has become a lot more than a search engine.

On the other side of the table, we have Walmart, the world’s largest retailer with more than 11,000 stores located in 27 countries around the world. Walmart’s success is a direct consequence of its incredibly well-managed supply chain and the revolutionary logistics.

Today, both of these huge companies have joined together and by those efforts, they seem to face-off Amazon and it’s dominance of online shopping. Amazon’s lordship over brick and mortar stores has made Walmart concerned and has woken the giant up and made it fight back. It is said that very soon, people will be able to shop for Walmart products right of Google Express, the company’s online retail location, a move that will branch Walmart to offer its inventory through a different website from their own for the first time in American business history.

It seems like the partnership has been fueled by the threat that Amazon poses for both retailers, so the need to even the odds and compete in an area when Amazon reigns supreme has become the perfect catalyst for this amazing collaboration to take place.

The truth of the matter is, people are not yet convinced that Google and Walmart with their might will be a match for Amazon, a company that seems to do no wrong when it comes to logistics, and that has an inventory that simply cannot be matched by their competitors. However, the new partners believe that they are not in it for the sprint, but rather participate in the marathon that is futuristic online shopping, its many applications and more exactly, the place where this activity is moving towards in the near future. It seems as if they are focusing on what is to come instead of trying to disrupt what it is now.

Google and Walmart, want to show customers that it will become of online shopping and they seem to be looking at many different ways to approach this, like finding ways to use the latest technology to change the way we shop, looking into new strategies to escalate competition amongst retailers and also changing the supply chain to the point that a new level of effectiveness never seem before, becomes the new norm.

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One of the best examples of how innovation is taking the front seat when it comes to the direction in which things are going is the advent of voice ordering as a feasible alternative and method by which people can interact with their internet-connected devices and make purchases online. Voice ordering is not a new concept, but it is well underappreciated when it comes to Amazon, but at the same time, voice searches make up a little bit less than a quarter of the total inquiries users make on their mobile devices using Google. The utilization of big data along with machine learning is opening doors in areas that wouldn’t believe if people talked about it just ten years ago. Virtual Personal Assistants like Siri have already proven their worth, so it wouldn’t be far fetched to think that Google will use those strategies along with the privileged positioning given by Walmart in order to stand out from the crown and play its strengths against Amazon. Research has shown that users that utilize VPA’s continue to do so and they become a habit. With that being said it is entirely within the realm of possibility to see people making quick orders by simply talking to their phones and having the companies fulfill those orders quickly and without customers having to worry much about the details.

The supply chain of supermarkets and physical stores, has been set in stone for a while at it follows a set number of rules that pretty much guarantees its success; the problem with it is that it falls short when it comes to satisfy the needs of new customers for variety and convenience. E-commerce is not simply another outlet to sell, but instead, it is an entire new way to approaching business and to uphold relationships with clients that are more demanding than ever and who know what they want and will stop at nothing for finding a company that is able to provide them with just that.

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